Patio Ponds, Building America's Best Filters Since 1987
Patio Ponds Water Garden Filtration

Good question! Because we are pond people. We own ponds, care for them, and enjoy them just like you. Patio Ponds isn't staffed by marketing gurus or venture capitalists who never get their hands wet. We've learned from our experieces; both successes and mistakes. We've built many of our own ponds, designed thousands more, and given advice to countless pond owners. No filter manufacturer understands the needs of today's pond owners like we do.

As pond people, we want to make sure ponds bring enjoyment to all those around them. We want everyone to enjoy ponds as much as we do. We don't sell filters we wouldn't use ourselves, or haven't used ourselves. Patio Ponds started building pond filters for one purpose: we know the hassles of a bad filter. We saw what did not work, and avoided those designs in our construction. We feel no one should have to deal with "green water", sick fish, or filters that aren't consumer ready. A pond should bring relaxation and peace of mind, not stress and worry.

Over the years, the industry has seen several types of filters. These range from pressurized and skimmer based systems to filters that are rated at higher levels then capable. Our filters might not be the most popular, but we are ok with that. We've never built a filter to satisfy a fad, or to make money. We build our filters to be as compact and efficent as possible. We then will test our filters to make sure they are rated correctly.

To improve performance, we utilize multiple chamber designs almost exclusively. To ensure reliability, we construct our filters only from the highest quality materials available. We fill each filter with top-grade filter media, as well as, components. These range from our ultra dense filter brushes to our high quality drain valves. Every filter is backed by our Lifetime Filter Body Guarantee.

Because we emphasize performance, not marketing, our filters may appear to be more expensive than the competitor. But is the money saved worth the trouble experienced? At what cost do these savings come? What kind of value is a summer of fighting green water and potentially sick fish with chemicals? The answer is NONE! Because in the end, the value is in ther performance.

It's this commitment to performance, easy cleaning, and value that has allowed us to thrive for over fifteen years. We hope that you choose the things that matter most in pond filtration: Performance, Value, and Ease of use - the same things we strive for in each and every filter we make.