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Patio Ponds Hurricane Pond and Water Garden Filter

Patio Ponds Hurricane Pond and Water Garden Filter

Designed for koi ponds over 8,000 gallons, the Hurricane Settling Chamber provides excellent mechanical filtration in an easy-to-clean unit. This Vortex filter can easily be added to any established pond with little work. The 4" output allows for no restriction or backflow in the filter. This Settling Chamber works best as a Gravity Fed System, however, can also be a Combination System. As a bonus, the Hurricane Settling Chamber can be customized to fit your needs with additional 3" or 4" inputs. Unlike plastic cones, the Hurricane series of filters are constructed of heavy-duty fiberglass and will not warp or distort. Every system is made in the USA and features our exclusive Lifetime Filter Body Guarantee.

Inlet Output Drain Max Flow Dimensions (Dia. x Height) Weight MSRP
4" 4" 4" 7,000 GPH 68" Dia. x 48" H 320 lbs. $1,799.95

Rigid fiberglass construction
Vortex settling chamber removes large debris
Optional second input for dual bottom drain applications
4 drain with easy open drain valve included
Bulkheads and PVC adapters included
Unit is free standing or can be burried.

Recommended Pumps/Accessories:
Submersible Pumps Not Recommended
External Pumps Sequence 1000 Pump, 5800SEQ22