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Patio Ponds Big Sister 3500 Water Garden Filter

Patio Ponds Big Sister 3500 Pond Filter

A larger version of our popular Little Sister 2000 filter, the Big Sister 3500 is well suited for mid-sized koi ponds. With a larger spraybar and output, the Big Sister is able to handle the higher flow rates larger ponds demand. Constructed of rugged fiberglass, the Big Sister 3500 is built to last a lifetime. The Big Sister 3500s dual chamber design and standard drain valves make cleaning a snap. Each chamber can be cleaned individually in seconds by shaking the filter media and opening the drain valve. This simple process saves countless hours of cleaning time over a single season!

Inlet Output Drain Max Flow Dimensions (L x W x H) Weight MSRP
1" 3" 1 1/2" 3,000 GPH 46.5" x 29.5" x 22" 85 lbs. $1,029.95

Full Lid
Dense brushes to trap debris
Durable biological filter matting
Includes easy open drain valves

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