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Patio Ponds Little Tub Pond and Water Garden Filter

Patio Ponds Little Tub Pond and Water Garden Filter

Simple in design, yet surprisingly effective and reliable, the Little Tub provides premium filtration in an easy-to-clean unit. Boasting many features not found in similarly-priced filters, the Little Tub offers conveniences such as a spray bar for aeration, durable clog-resistant filter matting and emergency overflow protection. Easily buried, the Little Tub can be incorporated into almost any landscape setting.

Inlet Output Max Flow Dimensions (Dia. x Height) Weight MSRP
3/4" 1 1/2" 800 GPH 21.5" Dia. x 14" H 14 lbs. $179.95

Full Lid
Durable biological filter matting
Easily expandable, accepts up to 1,000 cubic inches of additional filter media

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